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About Us

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Give you balanced advice. Be mindful that the patent system is complicated.
Help you to make informed and timely decisions. Aim to eliminate surprises.

Jim became interested in the opportunities and benefits of legal-tech and is co-founder of TerrifioTM, which offers a suite of collaborative on-line tools, to address some of the pain points he sees in the field of IP, for IP professionals and their clients alike. One of those tools, called MarkrTM, which helps patent owners launch and manage a VPM program, which can in some cases provide significant (and largely unknown) upsides to valuable patent portfolios

His extensive advocacy in Virtual Patent Marking has established Jim as a knowledge leader in a field which is largely unknown to the vast majority of patent owners, with 46 media profile appearances on the topic in UK, Europe and the United States, since the launch of MarkrTM in July 2022.

Jim’s practice is now dedicated to providing end-to-end guidance to clients to setting up and maintaining Virtual Patent Marking programs to meet strict compliance requirements under 35 U.S. Code § 287a) to establish constructive notice, as well as complementary patent prosecution strategies.

" Consider the costs of obtaining patent protection against the potential value of the patent as an asset to third parties. "

Looking for a challenging environment? We’re honoured to represent corporate, academic and independent clients.